Spondo gives you the tools to sell video and make money.

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Embed anywhere

Direct fans to your website, blog or social network –
wherever you want them to go.

Set your own price point

Your fans can rent, buy, subscribe or even
watch for free via Spondo’s AdIQ,
and you still get paid.

Keep content rights

Your work is your work. We just want you to
make money from it.

Free to use

It’s completely free to sign up and use Spondo. We’ll only take a
small cut when you make a sale.

Earn from every play

Keep track of views and how much revenue you are earning.

Reward others for sharing

Encourage friends, fans and affiliates to share your
content by offering a cut.

Simple payment process

Paying for content is so straightforward. Start watching in three easy steps.

A beautiful experience

The entire Spondo experience is intuitive, clean and minimal, meaning it doesn’t take away from what’s important – your content.

Device neutral

Viewers can watch on any
web-connected device.

Your Content

Easily take care of every detail from your Spondo dashboard.


Find out who’s enjoying your content and reach out to them.

Measure Your

See detailed insights, so you know exactly what’s happening from the moment you hit publish.

& Safe

Spondo’s technical framework stores everything securely, so you don’t have to worry.

Let your audience
watch for free – and you still earn money

With Spondo’s AdIQ, people can view your video free of charge. They watch a 30 second advertisement and answer a couple of questions instead of making a purchase – and you still get paid.

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