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August 2016


We’re incredibly excited to announce that Spondo is partnering with Pozible, one of the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms. Spondo will deliver a white label version of our streaming platform for Pozible’s latest venture “Screen Connect”. With a projected start date later this year, Spondo and Pozible will take incentivised crowd distribution of films to another level.

Pozible has raised $45m in pledges for over 10,000 projects, including nearly $7m for more than 2,000 film projects. Spondo’s streaming platform will enable films to be sold and viewed directly from the Pozible project page and from the filmmaker’s site. Crowd distributors such as fans and bloggers will also be given the opportunity to sell those films from their own site in return for a monetary reward.

The Spondo platform will facilitate the sale and streaming of each film, track the site from which it is sold and distribute a share of the revenue to all the relevant parties.


For a sample of further media regarding this project, see below.


Ozflix Sizzle Reel Featuring Leading Australian Film Directors, Producers and Actors

Spondo has partnered with Ozflix to provide the streaming technology for their innovative online curated channel.

Ozflix has just released a sizzle reel featuring some of Australia’s leading film industry practitioners and critics discussing the coming Ozflix service, and why we need it.

The video includes George Miller, Stephan Elliot, Scott Hicks, Fred Schepisi, David Parker, Nadia Tass, Rolf de Heer, Kriv Stenders, Clayton Jacobson , David Elfick, David Jowsey, Kimble Rendall, Chris Löfvén, Alan Finney, Liz Watts, Richard Lowenstein, Glendyn Ivin, Ray Argall, Mark Hartley, Jonathan Auf der Heide, Martin Fabinyi, Hayden Keenan, Tristan Roache-Turner, Adrian Rayner, Travis Bain, Deborah Mailman, Sigrid Thornton, Deborah-lee Furness, Kerry Armstrong, John Jarratt, Claudia Karvan, Sandra Hall, Lee Zachariah, Rochelle Siemienowicz.

Watch the video on the Ozflix Facebook Page

Spondo Updates Edition 1

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In edition 1 we cover what it means to create a broadcast channel. We’ve highlighted two our latest clients and have included an industry article on the VOD revolution.

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