Our mission is to give the power back to you, so you can make money and genuinely connect with your audience.

For a long time, sharing video content has meant diverting people to third-party services. That’s meant redirecting your fans, losing your visitor data and your potential to make money. Spondo takes the current model of creator → distributor → viewer and cuts out the middle guy – creating a direct point of contact between you and your audience.

With Spondo people can rent, buy and subscribe to content, or even watch for free (with our AdIQ), and you still get paid.

As if that wasn’t enough, Spondo gives creators the option of offering their audience a cut of their profits to encourage them to share. It’s social commerce. By giving people an incentive to promote your work – it’s strengthening your community and taking your content to a wider audience.

David Stavropoulos

CEO and Board Director

As CEO, David is integral in developing and implementing Spondo’s strategic business plan. He has a deep understanding of the streaming market, the challenges faced by content owners and how to overcome them.

Previous: Partner – Norton Rose Fulbright

Dr David Keeffe

Chief Engineer

David has been part of Spondo since the beginning and has been instrumental in the design and ongoing development of the Spondo platform. He is also a director of Systemsolve, a specialist software troubleshooting and maintenance company.

He has a PhD in computer science from the University of York, England.

Previous: Senior Technologist – News International; Senior Consultant – Sun Microsystems

Ludwina Dautovic

Business Development and Communications

Ludwina sources new business for Spondo along with managing and maintaining new client acquisitions.  She also heads up our Marketing and Communications arm ensuring the Spondo brand is front and centre.

Previous: Ludwina has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years specialising in Online, Digital and New Media.

Dr Henry Pinskier

Board Chairman

Henry joined Spondo in 2010 and as well as advising us, he’s the Chairman of 30DC Inc – one of the largest, independent digital publishing platforms worldwide. Privately, he runs a health services business in Australia.

Previous: Director – KarmelSonix; Director – Alfred Hospital; Director – Victorian Managed Insurance Authority; Director – Yarra Valley Water; Director – Falls Creek Ski Resort Management.

Peter Leggett

Board Director

As Managing Director of both Arrow Wealth Management and Leggett Financial, Peter is regularly engaged as a strategic thinker and keynote speaker. He’s also a member of the MRJ Advisors and joined the Spondo board in 2009.

Previous: Advisor – Perpetual Funds Management; Advisor – Rothschild Investment Management; Chairman – Whittley Cruisers; Chairman – Whittaker Foods; Director – DDE Financial Group.

What does Spondo provide?

A great revenue earning opportunity. Spondo will store your video content and give you the tools you need to embed your content anywhere online. You’ll be able to set your own price point and allow viewers to watch on any web connected device. You can manage your content from the Spondo dashboard, analyse your audience and generate revenue every time your video is watched.

How much money will I make?

You’ll get around 75% of every sale.  You can also make money if you have affiliates selling your content for you.

Does it cost to use Spondo?

It’s completely free to sign up and use Spondo. We’ll only take a small cut when you make a sale.

Can I embed my video anywhere?

Yes, you can embed the video on your website, blog or Facebook page.

How do I market my content?

We will give you creative marketing ideas that will help you promote and sell your content.


Haven’t answered your question? Please feel free to email us: support@spondo.com