Case Study:

The team at Spondo has worked incredibly hard to deliver video content to our audience during challenging times.
Joe Tucci, Chief Executive Officer
Joe Tucci, Chief Executive Officer

Blockchain Week 2022 was live streamed globally using Spondo technology. We created a customised streaming solution for one of Australia’s biggest streaming events in 2022. We covered five days of live streaming from different venues in four different cities. We managed four different production teams and had 2 simultaneous channels live streaming across five days. There were over 250 presenters, with dozens of virtual presenters from various countries. There were over 6,000 registered viewers and 70+ hours of content. Spondo built and hosted a customised website for the event including a registration portal. Click here to view the on-demand video library for the 100+ recordings and click here to view the registration page.


Spondo hosts a video library with nearly 200 videos comprising over 250 hours of content for Australian Childhood Foundation. The subscription package gives viewers a 12 month viewing window. All on a dedicated landing page created and hosted by Spondo. It’s the world’s leading video library for professionals in the child trauma space. Viewers receive CPD certificates for each video watched, helping ensure they meet their annual training requirements.

Click here to view Australian Childhood Foundation’s video collection.

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Spondo can source production crews for you right around Australia or your can do your own production. You choose.

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Let Spondo build and host a dedicated landing page or microsite for your conference. A place where your viewers can engage with each other and share their thoughts with you.


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Spondo can deal with all the technical challenges and viewer queries while you get back to running your business.

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If you have existing or new video content, create your own subscription package and generate recurring revenue using our Pay Per View and Subscription facility.