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Spondo has made it really easy to live stream our events and connect with our audience. They are great to work with.
Manuela Ferrari, Events Manager
Manuela Ferrari, Events Manager

Click here to check out the event we hosted for CCF NSW.
Click here to check out one of our microsites with multiple on demand webinars selling on a Pay Per View basis.

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Do you need an innovative streaming platform for your next webinar?

With the Spondo platform, you can stream your webinar live or on demand. Whether it’s your first webinar or your hundredth, we’ll get you started quickly and stick around for as long as you need us.



Spondo can source production crews for you right around Australia or your can do your own production. You choose.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Let Spondo build and host a dedicated landing page or microsite for your webinars. A place where your viewers can engage with each other and share their thoughts with you.


Customer Service

Spondo can deal with all the technical challenges and viewer queries while you get back to running your business.

Pay Per View

If you have existing or new webinar content, generate recurring revenue using our Pay Per View and Subscription facility.