About us

Spondo is an Australian streaming pioneer that helps you maximise your Pay Per View income, now more important than ever. Established in 2007 under the company name RivusTV, we were one of the first streaming companies in Australia. The challenges along the way made us resilient. A strong focus on customer outcomes and a fierce determination to deliver exceptional service still drives us.



Years of experience and a passionate, dedicated team means Spondo can provide superior video experiences for you.



To show the world what we can do. Literally. It’s our mission to provide a first class streaming experience. We’ll give your brand the recognition it deserves and build your audience in the process.


The Spondo platform is comprised of our own, proprietary software built and refined over many years. Spondo has integrated partnerships with best-of-breed providers such as Amazon S3, Akamai, PayPal and others making sure you never miss out on the latest and greatest features. Our system can integrate with any CMS, CDN and payment gateway. We can stream at any bitrate you like, but recommend a minimum 720p (HD Ready). We can also deliver an adaptive bitrate stream to ensure your viewers automatically receive the best quality picture for their bandwidth. We’re device agnostic, so viewers can watch on any web-connected device.


North America

In North America, we've partnered with Sounstage, who bring years of experience in managing and delivering great live performances from renowned artists.


Some of the clients and events we’ve worked on.