Live Stream.
Revenue Stream.

How It Works

Looking for a flexible live streaming platform that allows you to broadcast from your own website?
Want to live stream from your mobile phone?
Or do you need a first rate production service that operates across Australia?
Here we are.



Live stream from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or a full scale production team.



Embed the live stream directly into your website or a dedicated landing page.



Your live stream can be delivered Pay Per View, Registered Access or Free View.
You choose.

These days, a laptop, a tablet or even a mobile phone can produce an impressive live stream. We'll guide you through the whole process to live stream using your favourite device.

Sometimes, a great live stream needs a lot of production equipment and events can happen anywhere. That's why we've coupled our robust streaming platform with the best production teams around the country. Spondo can manage the whole process for you.

If you've got production sorted and you're looking for a robust and reliable streaming platform with an embeddable player, look no further. If you're a production company looking for a white label streaming service, plug into ours.

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National Coverage

Our extensive network of quality production people means we can cover events in all of Australia’s capital cities, major regional areas and even some international locations.


Mobile Network Connection

A poor internet connection can ruin your live stream. That can be a brand killer. We’ll check your venue’s internet connection. If it’s not strong enough, we’ll bring our mobile connection. We use multiple providers. If one gets too busy, we can flip to another network without losing a second of your live stream.


Audio Visual Equipment

As well as all the hardware you need for a live stream, Spondo can provide all sorts of audio visual equipment for your event. Microphones (hand held and lapel), lights, speakers, screens.

Stream from your favourite device or use a full scale production team. Live streaming or webcasting. Your website or a dedicated landing page. Pay Per View, Restricted Access or Free View. We’ll stream your vision. Literally and metaphorically.

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Embeddable Player

Our embeddable player puts your live stream on your own site. That’s where your audience is already. The Spondo video player comes in several different styles to complement your own site. And yes, we can customise our player for you to suit your brand.



We have several ways of incorporating a PowerPoint or video from a speaker’s presentation into a live stream, including picture in picture or switching regularly between a PowerPoint and live footage.


Adaptive Bit Rate

We can stream at any bit rate you like, but recommend a minimum 720p (HD Ready). We can also deliver an adaptive bitrate stream to ensure your viewers automatically receive the best quality picture for their bandwidth.


Landing Page

Need a landing page for a live stream? No problem. We can create the page for you and make sure it has the right look and feel for your audience. We’ll even host it for you.


Device Friendly

Viewers can watch on any web connected device. Mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. Android or iOS.


Access Control

Want to control who watches your live stream without charging people? No problem. We can provide password protection.

We give you the tools to sell your live stream and make money. You set the price and make money every time someone watches your event. Spondo tracks sales and pays you. Pronto. And if you want viewers to watch for free, that's even simpler.

If you're live streaming licensed music, we'll even take care of the royalties for sales to viewers in several countries including Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

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Pay Per View

Set your price and viewing period and away you go.



If you're live streaming licensed music, we can take care of royalty payments for you.


Share and Sell

Let your friends sell your live stream from their site too. Our syndication feature generates a unique embed code for your affiliates. You work out what you want to pay them. We track sales from every site and make sure everybody gets paid their fair share.


Build a video library

A lot of time and effort goes into a live event. We record every live stream for you. We can even edit a highlights package for you. It’s your event. You should capture it and show it again. Free or Pay Per View.



Spondo gives you all the analytics you need to build your data base and communicate with viewers. Who’s watching, when, where and for how long. We’ll even tell you when they stop watching. Whether it’s the headline numbers you’re after or the devil in the detail, we deliver.



Need to geoblock your content? We can do that for you.