Case Study:

Spondo delivered a very professional, seamless, end to end streaming service for the Sunshine Short Film Festival with an outstanding level of support. Five stars out of five.
Steve RE Pereira, Festival Co-ordinator
Steve RE Pereira, Festival Co-ordinator

Spondo hosted the online version of the Sunshine Short Film Festival comprising over 50 films. We built a microsite for the client and also customised a voting mechanism so viewers could select their favourite film. Click here to check out the festival.

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Dedicated Landing Pages

Let Spondo build and host a dedicated landing page or microsite for your films. Whether it’s one film or an entire festival, we’ll create a home that your viewers will love. Films can be sold individually or in a bundle. Access can be provided for a day, a week, a month or any other time period. You choose.

Customer Service

Spondo can deal with all the technical challenges and viewer queries while you get back to doing what you love.



Spondo makes it easy to cast films to a smart TV. The entire viewer experience is seamless.