Why Spondo?

Spondo is a Pay Per View streaming platform designed to make it easy for you to stream live and on demand from your own website. It’s a browser-based service, so your viewers don’t need to download an app to watch the content. You can even sell content from one of our generic landing pages, or we can create a dedicated landing page with your branding for you.

How do I set up a Spondo account?

For now, just email us at and we’ll get in touch to set up your account.

How do I get started?

Once your account has been set up, you can easily set up a live stream or sell your own on-demand content by generating an embed code for your content. If you’re a first-time streamer, our FAQs and how-to videos will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Can I live stream from home?

Absolutely. In fact, you can live stream from anywhere as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Do I need my own website to do a live stream?

You can embed the Spondo player on your own website quickly and easily. If you don’t have one, you can live-stream from a Spondo landing page or we can build a customised, dedicated landing page for you.

How do I know who has viewed my content?

Viewers must provide an email address when they purchase a ticket to watch your content. Once the content has been purchased, a content owner can access the email addresses and the name of viewers.

It sounds complicated. Is there any help available?

If you’re new to streaming, we’ll walk you through your first streaming experience to get you up and running. After their first live stream or setting up their first piece of content on demand, most content owners are able to operate on their own.


What does it cost to use your service?

We tailor our packages depending on your needs. Our pricing varies depending on several factors including whether your need production services, the amount of content you want to stream and the duration of your streams.  To get a quick quote, just drop us an email on  and we’ll get back to you asap. Once you’re on board, we’ll hold your hand for a little while until you get the hang of it. It’s part of our personalised service to turn you into a super streamer in no time! We’ll also provide you with some helpful hints on marketing your content to increase sales.

What do I get with my Spondo Package?

All of our packages allow you unlimited Pay Per View live streaming. You can also upload video content for on demand Pay Per View streaming. You’ll get a limited number of free live or on demand streams subject to fair use (sorry guys, we’re not YouTube and we don’t run ads) and technical support to get you up and running. On the financial side, we handle all merchant fees, accounting for and distribution of royalty payments (if required) to organisations such as APRA and when requested, distribution of affiliate payments to registered affiliates of your account.

Does Spondo deal with royalties for music performances?

Yes, it does. We’ll liaise with APRA for sales of live streams to viewers in Australia and New Zealand. We also have arrangements with authorities for sales of live and on demand musical performances to viewers in the USA as well.

Who is your payment merchant?

We currently use PayPal who charge around 30 cents plus 2.4% per sale.


How much should I charge my viewers?

Content owners set their own price, but we have a minimum of $2.50 per stream. This ensures external costs like merchant fees can be covered and there’s still a reasonable cut for the content owner.

When and how do I get paid?

We transfer your net earnings every month to your nominated PayPal Account, provided you have earned more than $50. Otherwise, we transfer your earnings at the end of each quarter.

How do I market my content?

We have some handy tips and how-to videos to help you get the message out to your audience. If you feel like you need more assistance, there are experts we can refer to help you.

Can I record and sell my live stream after the event as well?

Yes, you can. You can also provide access to viewers who bought a ticket to watch the original live stream.

Does Spondo have a tip jar?

Not yet, but it’s on our development roadmap. The more people we get asking for it, the higher a priority it becomes.


What equipment do I need to live stream?

You can stream from a digital camera, laptop or smart phone using either a hardware encoder or if you’re not a techy, a compatible piece of software such as OBS (FREE for Mac and PC). We can talk you through it.

Can I geo-block a stream?

Yes, you can. You can geo-block any country you choose.

What if I need technical assistance?

We’re not a set and forget platform. We’re here to help you and it’s what we pride ourselves on. We’ll walk you through your first streaming experience to make sure you get it right. We’re also available to troubleshoot any ongoing issues for you or your viewers. You’ll speak to a real person. In Australia.

What internet speed do I need to live stream?

Upload speeds need to be at least 2 Megabits per second (Mbps) to ensure a good quality stream. The higher the quality of stream you are looking to send out, the higher your upload speed needs to be.

Can I stream in HD?

Subject to your upload speeds, you can stream in various resolutions including HD (1920 x 1080).

Can Spondo help with production?

Yes, we can. If you need a production team to make your stream look even better, we can send out some of our own people or source experts from around the country to help you.

Do I need a hardware encoder?

You don’t need one, but if you have one you can probably use it to live stream through Spondo. We can talk you through that as well.

Can I make suggestions or provide some feedback?

Absolutely, just email us on