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Spondo’s streaming solutions are a valuable service for venues that host corporate conferences and seminars. Spondo is the preferred online streaming partner for the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, regularly streaming live events over multiple days.  Recent examples include the Unique International Trauma Conference, the World Cancer Congress and the Australian Catholic University Graduation Ceremonies.  Smaller events have also been streamed from the Convention Centre for companies such as

• Live stream over the internet to a single or multiple websites
• Stream to all popular devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile
• Expand revenue generating opportunities beyond your seating capacity
• Create satellite venues in multiple cities
• Stream to a global audience
• Limit access to authorised viewers where necessary
• Encourage a new audience to attend a future event
• Make video content available after the event
• Allow viewers to watch for free or pay per view
• Offer sponsorship opportunities during a stream
• Use Your Video Quiz to engage with viewers
• Stream from multiple break out sessions at once
• Offer viewers exclusive, premium content not available at the event

Spondo can also assist in the acquisition of any hardware necessary to stream an event, with such costs being relatively low.  Contact Spondo today to enhance your venue’s potential.

Live Streaming

Spondo can live stream to a single site or to multiple sites, all behind a secure paywall. In October 2012, Spondo live streamed Tiger Woods playing Rory McIlroy head to head from China across 55 websites (including News Digital sites) reaching viewers from over 100 countries. It’s one of many examples of the power of syndication and mutual financial incentive for content owners and site owners.

Spondo’s syndication capability expands the potential audience for a live event infinitely. The same stream can run through multiple sites, with each site owner financially incentivised to market the sale of the event to their audience. Spondo can track and pay at scale. Our unique revenue distribution engine makes light work of even the largest events.

Spondo’s live streaming service is device agnostic and streams to all popular devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. An event can be geo blocked if required.

• Broaden the potential audience for your event beyond a venue’s seating capacity
• Capture revenue from viewers who may not be able to attend in person
• Free view, pay per view or subscription models available
• Syndicate a stream to make it available for sale from multiple sites
• Make video content available to attendees to watch after the event
• Interact with your online audience
• Create additional sponsorship opportunities

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Your Video Quiz

Let’s face it, traditional video advertising is a little 1995. Your Video Quiz can seamlessly insert an interactive question and response mechanism at any point in a video. Survey questions can gather demographic information and generate qualified leads for sponsors. Responses are collated and the analytics enable brands to engage directly with their audiences. A smarter ad that provides viewer specific information translates to higher earnings for content owners.

• Interactive video advertising platform
• Direct viewer engagement
• Viewers respond better to sponsors who care what they think
• Enhanced lead generation

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