Content Owners

Spondo gives content owners the tools to sell directly from their website, Facebook Page or blog.

We’re really excited about this and here’s why. We believe that you, the content owner, should have the power over your own content. We want you to make the kind of money you should be making from your hard work and creative passions. With our tools you can sell your content directly from your website. You can also control distribution by using others (affiliates) to sell your work. We make sure everyone gets a slice of the pie.

Getting started.

The first step is to have a chat with one of our client relationship team members. To do so simply fill out our enquiry form and we’ll give you a call. Once we have you set up, you simply send us your content and we’ll send you the codes to embed it on your website or blog. We’ll also provide you with a Facebook app so you can sell it directly from your Facebook Page.

What kind of content is ideal?

Spondo works well for a broad range of content including feature films, niche content, webisodic series, TV series, filmed events or concerts and even B2B training materials.

Are there any upfront costs?

Absolutely not! There are no upfront costs. Not even for encoding or delivery. Instead, we take a cut of the sales you make to cover our costs for streaming, hosting and revenue distribution.

How much do I make?

You’ll receive around 75% of every sale of your content from your site. If one of your affiliates sells your content from their site, they will receive around 25% of every sale and you’ll receive around 50%. Spondo always gets around 25%.

How are funds distributed?

At the end of the month, assuming you have reached an agreed amount of revenue (usually around $100), you will automatically receive your payment in your preferred PayPal account.

How do viewers pay to watch?

Viewers can pay via their PayPal account or use PayPal to pay with their credit card if they don’t have a PayPal account.

If you’d like to stay in touch or would like more information about how Spondo can help you, send us your details and one of our team members will give you a call.