Nine reasons you should live stream your next event


pic Ensure that your live stream enhances your brand and you capture some fabulous highlights to use
again and again

Video is dominating the internet and social media. It’s one of the most engaging ways to capture your audience’s attention. Live streaming is an excellent and cost effective way to get your content out there. The worlds of sport, entertainment, business and education can benefit significantly from live streaming.

1. Access

Let’s face it. Modern day consumers expect companies to be tech savvy and forward thinking. People expect to be able to watch quality content, anytime, anywhere.

2. Increase Reach

Some people simply can’t get to every event because they are time poor or they can’t afford to travel. Why exclude these people from your event? Live streaming is a great way to connect with people that can’t get to your event in person.

3. Increase Attendance

Live streaming your event is a great advertisement. Some people may be reluctant to travel to your event but will be willing to watch a live stream. This could be enough to encourage them to attend your next event in person.

4. Save Time

Your viewers may save a fair bit of time logging on to watch your event as opposed to travelling to be there in person.

5. Save Money

Trying to get a bunch of people from distant locations together can be a costly exercise. Live streaming an event is relatively inexpensive.

6. Make money

If you’re charging people to attend your event, there’s a good chance people will pay a similar fee to watch a live stream. You can also sell the recorded version to people who attended.

7. Educate

Live streaming can be an interactive experience. Viewers may feel more comfortable to ask questions through social media or a live chat. Other viewers or presenters can answer those questions in real time.

8. Generate content

Organising an event is costly and time consuming. It makes sense to maximise your return on that investment by live streaming and recording the event. It’s an inexpensive way to generate valuable content.

9. Data

Having a live stream gives you the opportunity to collect data on people who would not otherwise attend your event. You can capture viewer details and work out how long they are watching and just as important, when they stop watching. That’s valuable feedback.